Prepare For A Garage Door Replacement When Your Door Gets Old Or Is Damaged

If your garage door isn't damaged by a crash or storm, it could last a few decades. Of course, that all depends on how often you use the door. If you open and close the door multiple times a day, the parts wear out quicker than if you don't use the garage for parking and rarely open the door. When your door is old or when it's damaged, it's time to consider a garage door replacement. Here are things to know.

Consider All Your Options In Garage Doors

Garage doors are made of different materials, and that affects the way the door looks and the maintenance needed. Look over your options so you can freshen the style of your door if you want. Also, think about insulation. If you're planning to use your garage for a hobby area, then you may want a door that is good at helping you control the climate by reducing heat transfer.

You might buy a new door yourself when you see one on sale or you might buy one from the same dealer who installs and repairs garage doors. You may also want to buy a new garage door opener and have it installed at the same time.

Replace All the Parts At The Same Time

If your door is fairly new but it has to be replaced because you ran into it, you might want the installer to keep the tracks and other hardware and change only the door. It's usually better to change all the parts at the same time since the tracks and parts are made for specific door brands. However, the installer might be able to use your old opener if it's in good shape.

A Garage Door Replacement Requires A Professional

Even if you're handy with home improvement tasks, it's probably best to let a professional handle the garage door replacement. A reason for that is that the old spring has to be taken off and a new spring installed. Since springs hold tension, they're dangerous to work around. Changing garage door springs isn't usually considered a DIY project for safety reasons.

Create A Safe Working Environment

Garage doors are heavy, so the installer needs safe working conditions. You may need to clear the clutter out of your garage or shove it to the back so nothing gets in the way of the space the installer needs. You'll also want to keep pets and kids away since replacing a garage door is dangerous and pets could get hurt if they're in the way if the door slips. 

For more info about garage door replacement, contact a local company. 

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