Common Garage Door Questions

Your home's garage doors can be an important part of the home that may not receive as much attention as the other areas of the house. Yet, being informed about garage door maintenance can make it easier to keep your home safe from some serious problems. Here are a few common questions you might have about garage doors. 

1. What Are Your Options When The Garage Door Has Suffered Exterior Wear or Damage?

The garage door will be subjected to intense wear due to being exposed to the weather elements. Not surprisingly, this can result in the exterior of the garage door suffering discoloration or even corrosion. If your garage door is suffering from this damage, it is relatively easy to correct by having the exterior of the door refinished. This will allow for minor exterior damages to be corrected.

2. Are There Emergency Power Solutions for Your Garage Door During Electrical Failures?

Most homeowners will choose to have an automated garage door system installed. While these systems can be very easy to use, they can also stop working if there is a power outage. If you want to be sure that you can use this system to enter and exit the garage during a power failure, you will need to choose an emergency backup power system for the doors. This system will be able to provide power to the door so that you can still use it to leave or enter. If you chose to not have this type of backup battery installed, you may need to switch the garage door system to manual so that you can lift it using your arms.

3. Is the Glass You Use for the Garage Door Windows an Important Factor?

Unfortunately, homeowners aren't always aware of the importance of the garage door window glass when they bought their system. For example, insulated glass can improve the energy efficiency of the garage doors, and impact-resistant glass will be more secure against break-ins as well as impacts during strong storms. Luckily, if you only chose basic glass for these windows, you can have the windows of your garage door upgraded. While it may be fairly easy for a homeowner to replace the glass in their standard windows, the windows for a garage door will be designed differently and might be much smaller. Luckily, there are garage door services that will be able to upgrade the glass in these windows to have the qualities that you need.

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Your home's garage doors can be an important part of the home that may not receive as much attention as the other areas of the house. Yet, being infor

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