Maintaining High-Traffic Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors, particularly those that are used repeatedly throughout warehouse workdays, should allow focus to remain on products, inventory, and workflow. They should be silent, functional and reliable. This doesn't happen by magic after installation; you've got to maintain them with high-traffic door pointers like these.

Lubricate Often

Continued use of any door will necessitate attention toward lubrication. For high-traffic commercial garage doors, regular fluid lubrication is critical. Lubrication aids in smooth functioning of the door tracks, springs and other metal parts because it prevents them from the grinding and friction which could lead to component failure. A lubrication schedule should be posted, checked and adhered to.

Take Care with Water

If water is used in the warehouse, even if only for cleaning the doors, it's smart to ensure they're dried properly. Continued contact with water could begin the rusting process. Take special care with door hardware. Whether you use fans or towel down the parts which can be reached, remember how dangerous water can be for your doors.

Paint Them

Paint isn't just a vain choice that makes your commercial doors prettier. Paint can, at times, also manage rust or prevent it from taking hold on any of the garage doors you've got. Look for brands which rust-resistant properties and ensure both sides of each door are painted. 

Notice Problems Early

If your keys are sticking or there's trouble unlocking your doors each morning, it's natural you'd ignore that--until a key is completely stuck and breaks off or the doors don't open. When you're noticing signal that something isn't right, contact professionals. They'll analyze your doors and locks to permit regular work to keep happening.

Recommend Visual Inspections

Most times in a warehouse, eyes are turned to the objects and boxes flowing in and out of the garage doors, not the doors themselves. However, reminding your workers to glance at the doors before closing down for the night will give them the ability to see anything problematic if it exists. Are screws tight? Are springs rusted? Are hinges connected? Visual information may end up providing details about door components which require further notice.

Reconsider Signs

Signs of any kind on your garage doors could in fact trap moisture between them and the door itself, leading to rust. If possible, keep the doors clear.

Commercial doors should enable smooth warehouse functioning. Consider asking professionals to frequently assess your high-traffic doors and use these pointers for door longevity.

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