A Guide To Garage Door Replacement

Garage door replacement is a smart home remodel. Many people will focus on upgrading their interiors before they even think about doing any work on their garage doors. But, garage door replacement is an especially smart home upgrade when you consider how important the doors are to the overall look of your property. Additionally, garage door replacement is a job that can often be done by the homeowner. This article compares different ways that garage doors can be replaced.

Are Your Panels Replaceable?

Some garage systems have panels that can be easily replaced. This is because each panel is set within its own metal frame and only secured to it with a few bolts. These bolts can be removed without any power tools. But, the frame has to be in good shape if you want to change the panels. Otherwise, it could collapse when the panel is removed. So, you should check to make sure that your panels are removable and that your frames are in good enough shape.

If you can change just your panels, the job is going to be significantly cheaper. It will cost at least half as much as replacing the entire system. You will save even more money if you decide to do the work yourself. It is very feasible to order your replacement doors directly from the manufacturer and have them delivered to your home. Then, you remove your old panels and replace them on your own. Of course, your garage will look just as different as if you had the entire system replaced. With new panels, your garage could also be much more energy efficient.

Replacing Your Entire Garage System

If your panels cannot be so easily replaced, your only option might be to replace your entire garage system. To many, this is well worth it because everything gets changed and upgraded. You can enjoy a more energy efficient, quieter motor. Many people opt to replace their entire system because their current doors don't close all the way, run loudly, or just look worn down and out of style.

Of course, replacing your entire system might cost a lot more, but it could be the best option. It depends on the current state of your garage. But, if you have a limited budget, and your current garage motor and frames system are working just fine, you might want to just change the panels.

For more information, contact your local garage door company.

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