Speed Up An Old Garage Door

Your garage door may be old, but you love it anyway, and you can't afford to replace the entire system. But why replace the entire system when you can speed it up with a simple garage door repair? The repair can be as simple as lubricating the gears and tracks or changing springs that lost their tension. However, rather than going out on a whim and buying lubricants or springs, you need to diagnose the problem first. Also, the word "slow" may have different meanings to you and an employee of a garage door repair company.

Setting the Speed

A normal residential garage door may take about 15 seconds for the door to open or close. If it takes longer than this, then your door may really be "slow" and require servicing. Some garage door openers can have their speeds set. The speed is by default set to the slowest speed. If you have a problem with the speed, you can attempt to adjust the setting switching inside of the housing. You may find this in the instruction manual that came with the opener. If you can't find it, then call a technician.

Check the Lubrication

If you adjust the speed and it is still slow, then you should consider whether or not the system is lubricated. The system includes the track, hinges, and rollers. So, try oiling those parts. Do not put too much oil on the door; about six drops should do the trick. A few drops could actually speed up how the system works. Roller tracks that have nylon rollers should not be lubricated with penetrating oils. You will need to use a ladder if you plan to lube the components of the door.

Get the Door Serviced

If you adjusted the speed and lubricated the door, but it is still slow, it is time to get garage door services. A garage door repair technician will check the door for balance and ensure that all the components of the door are functional or if they need to be replaced, as they will troubleshoot the door's issues for you. Sometimes, you may even consider getting a new door opener to satisfy your speed needs and one that you can adjust. Regular garage door services will usually prevent your door from becoming sluggish in the first place, so consider adding these services to your yearly home maintenance budget. 

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