5 Smart Home Upgrades You Can Add To Any Garage Door Repair

Keeping your garage door properly functioning is important for getting in and out of the home and storing vehicles. To help keep up with modern times, you can easily implement technological upgrades to your current garage door. Whether you're getting springs replaced or repairing a garage door opener, these upgrades can become a part of a package deal. There are five different smart home features that can be implemented into a garage door design.

Door Sensors

A typical garage door uses sensors to prevent the door from closing on a vehicle, person, or other object. Upgrading to smart sensors can enhance the ability of these sensors. Along with the safety issues, door sensors can send you a notification every time the garage door is opened. The sensors also let you check the status of your garage door in case you forgot to close it.

Not only is this ideal for if you're away from the home, but the sensors can help if it's night and you're already in bed. Using the sensor technology, you can check if the doors are shut without the need to get up and look. Door sensors are also ideal for monitoring teens that may have a curfew or are not allowed to leave the home.

This type of technology can be installed as a replacement to your current sensors or in conjunction. If you're getting your sensors repaired, it's a good idea to just replace the whole system at the same time.

Smart Phone Garage Door Opener

Instead of making sure that your garage door opener is with you and in each vehicle, your cell phone has the ability to act as a garage door opener. With a smart phone garage door opener, your phone can connect directly to the garage door.

There are many advanced features to this service, including the ability to set a hands-free mode to the opener. This means that your phone can communicate with the garage door and detect when you are pulling up to the home. As you get close, the door will automatically open without the need to press a button.

Temperature Control

During the winter months, a garage can become extremely cold. A garage can get really hot during the summer months, too. If you have heating or cooling vented to your garage, then you can use smart home technology to set a comfortable temperature before you arrive.

Using a wi-fi connection and your smart phone, you can easily set comfortable temperatures while you're on the way home. This is also ideal if you plan on doing any work in the garage like car maintenance. A garage door specialist can help insure that your door is properly insulated to help with proper temperature control.

Solar Powered Garage Door Opener

Save money on your electric bill and help the environment at the same time with a solar powered garage door opener. When installing a solar powered opener, it usually only takes a small panel that is installed on the roof of your garage. Extra storage power can keep enough power to operate the garage door during nights or cloudy days.

This type of technology can be implemented into a current solar power home system or run on it's own just to operate the garage door.

Smart Home Security Cameras

A garage often leads to the home and features valuables like vehicles and expensive tools. Add more protection to your garage with smart home security cameras. These cameras can offer protection both inside the garage on the exterior.

Motion sensors have the ability to capture suspicious activity, along with the ability to live stream footage to devices like tablets or smart phones. This allows you check in on your garage at anytime, ensure the door is properly shut, and the vehicles are where they are supposed to be.

Anytime you're getting garage door repairs or upgrades done to your garage, it's a good idea to get estimates on the cost. This can help you plan a budget and choose the features that you really need.

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